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FT Specialist - Our Digital Evolution

  • Marketing Engagement Summit
  • Lauren Drew, Head of Marketing, Subscriptions, Financial Times

Lauren Drew, Head of subscription Marketing at The Financial Times, takes us on a journey through their ‘digital evolution’. Lauren outlines that in 2011, 35% of revenue came from print advertising. However, by 2025 it is predicted that only 4.3% of revenue will come from print advertising.

After assessing that all FT’s marketing campaigns involved lots of manual work, and very little sophistication in terms of data, they came up with the 3 data objectives:

  1. Create and maintain effective data processes and storage, which ensure GDPR compliancy.
  2. Allow sophisticated use of data across the FT specialist’s division to ensure revenue and contribution growth.
  3. Consider a single customer view across FT specialist’s subscription products.

Lauren discusses how they now have the opportunity to deliver automated, but tailored onboarding programs. Lauren suggests that FT want to move away from using ‘blanket’ methods, but rather use consumers behaviour patterns to increase engagement.

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