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If you have a marketing technology or customer experience question or want to know more about marketing technology event attendance, speaking and sponsorship opportunities — or anything else related to improving the customer experience through marketing — use the form here on this page. One of our team will get back to you.

Want a quick answer? Try these FAQs:

Are Engage MarTech events in person or online?

They’re mostly in person, but we now also offer virtual and hybrid events (mixing in-person and online streaming).

See more about our events via the menu at the top of the page.

Who speaks at Engage MarTech events?

People who’ve led the way when it comes to using martech to build better experiences and happier customers. They’ve done it for the biggest brands in the world and are sharing their learnings and experiences in case-study formats

Can we purchase multiple tickets for events?
Definitely, yes. Multiple people from the same company often attend together.
Where do in-person Engage MarTech events take place?
In our 10+ years of hosting events like this, we’ve managed to find two perfect venues in London. Depending on the event itself, it’ll be at one of those. You can find out more about the specific venue (including directions) on the relevant event’s web page.
What kind of people attend Engage MarTech events?

Senior people with the power to drive changes inside the business forward. This is often Directors, C-Suite and Head of level senior management

What’s the link between Engage MarTech and the other companies whose logos are on this website?
We’re proud to secure our speakers from the biggest brands in the world. This is often before they’re more commonly seen on the speaking circuit — so they share their learnings here first.

Many of the companies shown on our website are also sponsors and partners. Their support is vital for making sure our excellent events can happen and the tickets are at such an accessible price.