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Travel Communities: Creating Content with Your Customers

  • Marketing Engagement Summit
  • David Cuen, Director of Content Communities,

This is the era of authentic content. Audiences and consumers are no longer interested in only receiving messages. They want to hear from other customers and they want to be able to create content with brands. So how do you marry your business content goals with your users desires? How do you scale that effort?

This use case will walk us through’s Travel Ambassadors program and how there’s a growing crowd of travellers willing to create content with the brand to help other users on Travel Communities.

This is a platform where people come to solve their travel frictions while sharing their expertise about their hometown or a destination they love.

We want people to trust the authentic content they will find on our platform. We want them to feel at home, because there’s no other place like this. We want to appeal to all nationalities and attract those curious enough to ask questions and get answers as well as those who are intrigued to learn and share more about traveling the world.

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