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Zero Friction Future

  • Marketing Engagement Summit
  • Kai Herzberger, Group Director DACH, Facebook

Kai Herzberger, Group Director DACH at Facebook takes us on a journey to a ‘zero friction future’. Kai explains how ‘friction’ can have a massive impact on the customer journey, with ‘friction’ causing 88% abandoned shopping baskets in March 2020.

Kai analyzes how consumers interact with different channels. He notes that although mobile and video streaming is on the rise, businesses should combine these with traditional platforms e.g. radio and TV to personalize the intended message. Furthermore, Kai suggests that even with a massive increase of activity in the online world, the offline world should not be ignored.

Kai states that ‘seamless shopping can mean the difference between being overwhelmed and overjoyed’. Obstacles to creating seamless shopping include; discovery, consideration, purchase and rearrangement. Seamless shopping relies on optimizing the customer journey, whichever way they choose to shop.

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