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How to Increase Conversion Rates and Provide a Better CX

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You spend too much time and money on your digital marketing campaigns to risk sending motivated consumers to an out-of-stock product. It’s crucial that your digital marketing content sends consumers to an in-stock product page at a preferred retailer.

In this webinar, ChannelAdvisor and Havas Media Group will share the tools they use with digital marketing campaigns to link interested consumers to convenient purchase options through Havas Media Group’s preferred retailers.

See how Havas Media Group creates a frictionless e-commerce experience that benefits their buyers and retailers, how they transform their digital marketing campaigns into shoppable experiences to ensure the products they are promoting can always be purchased by consumers. You’ll learn how to:

• Increase conversions by turning consumers interacting with your digital campaigns into buyers
• Create a better consumer experience by removing out-of-stock dead ends
• Strengthen retailer relationships by providing highly qualified leads
• Gain valuable insight into customer behavior and retailer performance
• And more!

Join ChannelAdvisor and Havas Media Group for a practical discussion about what it means to create optimal digital pathways for consumers and seamless connections between brands and retailers.

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