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Revolutionise Your Marketing: A Deep Dive into Advanced Lead Generation Strategies - A Case Study by The New Statesman

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In this exclusive webinar tailored for senior marketing and marketing technology professionals, New Statesman Group's Head of Marketing , Karan Premi and Marketing Automation Manger, Niya Paranova will unveil a game-changing approach to lead generation by: 

  • Delving into the success story of The New Statesman Group.
  • Immersing you in The New Statesman's journey 
  • Uncovering their lead generation process analysing, nurturing, and empowering high-quality, targeted leads
Karan Premi

Karan Premi

New Statesman Media Group Head of Marketing Technology

Market Automation / New Customer Engagement / Brand Development

Accomplished, results-oriented, and conscientious leader with substantial experience designing and optimising marketing/business processes while overseeing marketing activities across multiple industries such as FinTech, Luxury and Healthcare.

Special talent for enhancing lead generation and corporate marketability using digital and marketing automated tools. Adept at leading multiple high-budget marketing campaigns for global companies and brands. Demonstrated expertise in turning brand strategy into operational activities. Skilled at generating global revenue and improving inbounds leads through global re-brand & marketing strategy.

Niya Parvanova

Niya Parvanova

New Statesman Media Group Digital Marketing
Marketing automations guru with over 7 years’ experience working in digital marketing with expertise in email marketing, data management and automation. Consulting over 5 start-ups in their email, lead generation and marketing automation activities while continuously growing my career in B2B companies specializing in inbound and account-based marketing.
Rachel Aldighieri

Rachel Aldighieri

DMA Managing Director

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