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Tenable Generates 3x Qualified Pipeline Globally

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What if you could tell your SDR team, “Hey, I have a way to put money right in your pockets?” Or tell your marketing team, “I know how we can create more flexibility and personalisation for customers visiting our website?”

A dream, right? Well, for companies embracing Conversational AI, like Tenable, this dream is closer to reality than you might think.

On July 27th, join Tenable’s Senior Director of Growth Marketing, Operations, & Technology, Matt Mullin, and Drift’s Director of Product Marketing, Aurelia Solomon, to hear how Tenable uses Drift to generate 3x qualified pipeline globally.

You’ll learn:

  • #1 Exactly how Tenable uses Drift to create VIP experiences for named accounts daily
  • #2 Why you need Conversational AI to relieve your support team and jump start the sales process
  • #3 How you can level up your Conversational AI – no matter what stage of adoption you’re in

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