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Mastering the B2B Demand Game: Building an Irresistible Brand for Large Enterprises

Listen now as Rachel Aldighieri, Managing Director of DMA UK is joined by Duarte Garrido, Global Head of Social and Omnichannel at Standard Chartered Bank, they delve into the strategies for building brand demand in large B2B enterprises:

  •  Tailor your marketing efforts to address the unique needs and pain points of large B2B enterprises.
  • Establish your brand as a thought leader in the industry to gain credibility and influence.
  • Invest in building strong relationships with key stakeholders and highlight customer success stories to demonstrate value.
Duarte Garrido

Duarte Garrido

Standard Chartered Bank Global Head of Social & Omnichannel
Duarte is a jack-of-all-trades turned master of one. Having dabbled as a Chef, a gardener, and a journalist, he has visited over 60 countries and mastered the art of communicating through social media, helping companies gain (and regain) trust. He believes in being hyper-local to stay hyper-relevant. From his days at Reuters and Sky News, he grew a deep understanding of how different communities consume different content, on different platforms. As a journalist, he witnessed the start of a global crisis of trust. In the media, the political system, companies, products, regulators, and even peers. At PMI, he built a global social media team from scratch, activated and consulted for dozens of markets, and ensured a regular stream of engaging content for both global and regional channels. On top of that, he showed the company the importance of social media in building brand, reputation, and lead generation. He personally activated the social media profiles of PMI’s top executives and worked across teams as an omnichannel project manager, delivering communication campaigns for paid, earned, and owned. He is currently the Global Head of Social and Omnichannel at Standard Chartered Bank, and on the Advisory Board of Handprint, a sustainability tech startup helping companies push for a greener world. He is a flexitarian, a failed fly fisherman, an ethical consumer, and an ardent supporter of the Dallas Cowboys. He believes in using social media for good, and his favorite trait is redemption.

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