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Dowload the Engage MARTECH MAGAZINe

Today’s customers are more difficult to attract and retain than ever before. With increasing competition and ever-changing customer demands, marketers are left wondering what steps they must take to overcome today’s challenges. Knowing this, we at Engage MarTech shine a spotlight on those who think outside the box, launching creative and innovative engagement strategies

We do this not only through our conferences but also through our annual awards and editorial work. In this issue, we are sharing the key highlights from our events, features by industry leaders, and the success stories of our Engage Awards winners.

In the pages ahead, you can uncover the research findings of organisations including the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). The former reveals that the UK’s research sector has reached a record value of £9 billion (pgs. 8-9), while the latter delves into future trends for planning a price-promotion exit strategy in 2024 (pgs. 10-11).

In addition to these articles, we’re also bringing you an opinion piece by our guest contributor Claudia Mastromauro, who explains how iCommerce is reshaping the future of online shopping. According to her, “the era of social commerce is upon us” (pgs. 12-13).

To gain further insight into the future of marketing, we reached out to Juntae DeLane, Founder and Chief Strategist of Digital Delane. In an interview (pgs. 14-15), he shared what he views as the most common mistakes organisations make when it comes to their digital campaigns and how they can be avoided. Taking this further, he also predicts what the future of marketing might look like and how businesses can prepare for it.

With our Engage Awards ceremony taking place at the end of last year, we have dedicated a large portion of this issue to our winners; that is, we are revealing the names of the companies who won an award and what they did to impress our judges (pgs. 16-19). Moreover, we have conducted interviews with the winners, giving them the chance to share their stories in their own words and inspire others to follow in their footsteps (pgs. 20-28).

Finally, as the Editor of Engage MarTech, I would like to thank our contributors and everyone who took part in the creation of this magazine.

Happy reading!

Svilena Keane
Editor at Engage MarTech