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How to Find the Perfect Customer for Business Success

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David White, Founder and CEO of David White Consulting, examines how smart company owners should use marketing technology to increase customer engagement. Discover why understanding your customers is crucial for business success.

Smart company owners and managers focus on customer personas, combining demographics and psychographics, to tailor their marketing strategies. Demographics include factors like age, gender, and location, while psychographics delve into values, attitudes, and lifestyles.

Unfortunately, few focus on the key issues and so most miss out on freely available 'instant' opportunities that collectively cost little, yet can bring about considerable returns, as you shall see in the examples shared in this article.

Boosting with personalisation

Personalised marketing significantly boosts engagement. About 80% of marketers report higher engagement from targeted campaigns, and 72% of consumers engage only with messages tailored to their interests. For example, targeting women in coastal areas with ads for denim shorts can be effective. Including visuals like beach volleyball scenes can attract this audience.

Behavioural segmentation is also vital. Analysing buying habits, brand interactions, and decision-making processes helps identify customer preferences. For instance, some consumers may never consider buying luxury brands like Montblanc, preferring budget options. Companies that segment their market by behaviour can see a 760% increase in revenue.

Utilising tools like Google Analytics, CRM systems, and social media insights is essential. 67% of marketers using Google Analytics, yet 33% do not, representing a mass of missed opportunity. Surveys and polls, although often yielding low response rates, can still provide valuable insights when conducted strategically. Post-purchase surveys, for instance, can capture customer delight and gather useful feedback.

Social listening, or monitoring social media

Social listening, or monitoring social media conversations, is another powerful method. About 73% of marketers find social media insights crucial for understanding their audience. Engaging directly with customers in their environment, such as visiting popular seaside resorts, can provide firsthand insights into their preferences and behaviours.

Focus groups offer in-depth understanding through direct interactions with potential customers. Companies investing in audience research can see substantial returns on their marketing investments. CRM data, which tracks customer interactions, is a goldmine for insights, helping businesses tailor their strategies to different regions or customer bases. Leveraging this data can lead to an 85% improvement in sales growth.

Buyer personas

Creating detailed buyer personas is a fundamental exercise. This involves gathering a team, using visual aids like magazines, and building a comprehensive picture of the target customer. By identifying common themes and preferences, businesses can better align their marketing efforts with customer expectations. For example, if bright colours and certain car brands appear frequently, these elements can be incorporated into marketing materials.

The five Ps of network navigation (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and People) should always centre around the customer. Businesses that focus on customer knowledge and continuously adapt to changing interests are more likely to thrive. Regularly updating audience research ensures that marketing strategies remain relevant and effective.

Understanding their customers

To conclude, businesses must prioritise understanding their customers through demographics, psychographics, behavioural data, and direct interactions. Utilising available tools and continuously refining network navigation strategies based on customer insights can lead to significant growth and success. By focusing on what truly resonates with their audience, companies can build stronger connections and drive better results.

By David White, Founder and CEO of David White Consulting

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