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Beavertown Brewery Case Study: How Social is the perfect ingredient for a Beer Brand

  • Future of MarTech Conference
  • Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director, Beavertown

Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director at Beavertown Brewery takes on a journey on achieve his goal of ‘great beer on every street corner’.

Beavertown pride themselves on being a brand that stands out on the shelf has a visual identity and, a range of products to suit everyone’s taste. Tom discusses Beavertown’s ‘above the line’ campaign, the aim being to achieve more bran awareness by ‘essentially spilling beer out on the streets’.

Tom goes into detail about how lockdown taught Beavertown that there will always be change and things you cannot control, therefore you must stay on your toes and adapt to change. As a brand Beavertown ‘pushed forward’ with Marketing to stay at the top of people’s minds.

Tom explains how great Marketing is both rational and emotional. He recognises that you want to give people a great product for the right price, but you need people to love your brand as well for customer loyalty.

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