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Loyalty Programmes and Implementing Marketing Technology

  • Future of MarTech Conference
  • Dave Robinson, Head of Customer Engagement Development, Boots UK

At the 2022 Future of Martech Conference, we were joined by Dave Robinson, Head of Customer Engagement Development at Boots UK. Dave joined Boots as a graduate in 1999, he discusses how he progressed to achieve his current role.

The Boots Advantage Card is one of the most established loyalty programs, Dave talks on the use of the Boots Advantage card and how successful this has been for the company. The Boots Advantage Card idea was based on rewards for homemakers, to be able to treat themselves, after acquiring points from shopping for a family.

Dave had led the implementation of new marketing technology for Boots over the last 12 months, he shares his learnings and changes this has made to the business.

Dave also discusses the importance of a ‘north star’ within your business. Boots is a business with over 60,000 employees, a ‘north star’ is the idea that wherever you ‘look up’ form within a business, you see a common goal.

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