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CANVA: Navigating the Visual Economy

  • Future of Marketing
  • Duncan Clark, Head of Europe, CANVA

Duncan Clark introduced four "superpowers" for leaders to harness in the visual economy. From fostering visual literacy to embracing data storytelling, he goes on to explain how Canva and Flourish empower businesses worldwide to communicate effectively and innovate. Duncan shares exclusive insights from the Visual Economy Report and why adopting a visual communication strategy is crucial for staying relevant and competitive in the digital age.

Duncan Clark

Duncan Clark

CANVA Head of Europe

Duncan Clark is the Europe Lead at Canva, an online visual communication and collaboration platform. He joined Canva as the co-founder of Flourish, a data storytelling platform that became part of the Canva family in 2022. Duncan oversees Canva in Europe and focuses on data visualization products. Before venturing in the tech industry, he was a data journalist at The Guardian, specialising in climate change, data visualisation, and interactive storytelling. He co-authored “The Burning Question”, a fascinating data-driven analysis of climate change.

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