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EA Case Study: Creating Experiences for People

  • Future of MarTech Conference
  • Robbie McCawley, Director, Global Marketing Strategy, EA

Brands who put themselves first fail. We far too often see advertising or marketing experiences that ram brands and products into people’s lives with all the delicacy of an 18-wheeler.

This might be driven by an over egotistical marketing department or the absence of strategic thinking, but mostly it’s because we often forget to truly understand the humans we are trying to connect with. The harsh reality for us marketers is that nobody gets it right all the time, but the more focus we put on the people we want to connect with, the closer we will get to creating experiences that will not only resonate more with our intended audience but also drive better results for our brands. In ‘creating experiences for people’ we will look at how brands are getting this right and wrong, with a focus on digital marketing and the gaming industry.

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