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PwC Case Study: Reality Check - Bringing Immersive Technologies to PwC’s Global Marketing Campaigns

  • Future of Marketing
  • Alex Sladen, Global Marketing Director, PwC

Is it possible to reimagine a tax and accountancy firm that has roots going back to the 1800s? Tasked with increasing consideration for tech and transformation consulting services among key economic buyers, PwC explore how they chose to tackle today's biggest societal issues through emerging and immersive technologies.

What you'll learn:
•        How leveraging brand insights encouraged new thinking around engaging audiences on climate change and our commitment to sustainability. 
•        The complexities of developing new platforms and technologies in a risk averse environment.
•        The exponential benefits of fully integrating emerging technology across digital and media platforms within your marketing campaigns.
•        Going beyond the metaverse and incorporating immersive experiences into our flagship global campaigns.

Alex Sladen _ Clipped

Alex Sladen

PwC Global Marketing Director

Alex has 20 years of sales and marketing experience, holding senior roles in multiple industries including travel, technology, finance and professional services. He has led global teams across many marketing disciplines including brand, product, media, CRM and has also established significant performance analytics and data management functions. An award-winning marketer, Alex and his teams have been recognised for developing industry leading tech-enabled search strategies and activating best in class global campaigns, most recently in his current role at PwC.

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