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From Hype to Reality: A Tactical Guide to Integrating Generative AI in Your Marketing Strategy and Activation

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What to expect: 

  • Discover the potential of emerging technologies like generative AI
  • Learn how to integrate them into your existing marketing infrastructure
  • Understand the importance of change management, upskilling, and training in transformation
  • Gain actionable insights for successful initiative piloting and long-term marketing organization evolution.


Francesco Federico

Francesco Federico

S&P Global Global CMO

Francesco is a visionary intrapreneur with over 15 years of experience in steering product development and commercialization across a spectrum of industries. His role as a transformational leader has catalyzed business acceleration for Fortune 200 brands across the globe. Francesco's expertise spans product management, marketing, and technology, underpinning his success in building and nurturing high-caliber teams across Europe, Asia, and the United States.Francesco's early work in artificial intelligence, especially its use in legal practices while he was reading law, laid the foundation for his innovative career. Presently, as the Global Chief Marketing Officer at S&P Global Ratings, he is instrumental in enhancing the company's brand presence, amplifying content and solution awareness, and stimulating demand.
Francesco's career is adorned with digital milestones that have pivoted major brands to the forefront of their industries. Noteworthy achievements include the launch of Vodafone's inaugural self-care mobile application MyVodafone and the deployment of a pioneering real-time dynamic pricing algorithm on Acer's e-commerce platform. His tenure at JLL was marked by a remarkable revenue surge—from doubling it to over $16 billion within seven years—attributable to his strategic overhaul in sales, marketing, and digital product spheres, emphasizing change management and people development.
Beyond the professional world, Francesco resides in West London, where he indulges in his passions for the culinary arts, aviation, and hiking, enriching his personal and professional life with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Rachel Aldighieri

Rachel Aldighieri

DMA Managing Director

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