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How to Build and Scale a Differentiated Value Proposition across Markets

In this episode, from our Future of Marketing Conference our Event Chair Rachel Aldighieri is joined by Sarah Sahyoun, Global Director of Product Marketing at Payoneer.

At the core of every successful product launch, campaign or sales pitch is a competitive value proposition.

Sarah delves into how building one that is both clear and differentiated among competitors is no easy feat. Doing that at scale across different customer markets and internally among several cross functional teams adds to that complexity.

This is a candid conversation about learnings, successes and navigating global markets and teams to land a winning value proposition. 

Rachel Aldighieri

Rachel Aldighieri

DMA Managing Director

Sarah Sahyoun

Sarah Sahyoun

Payoneer Global Director of Product Marketing, B2B Payments
Sarah Sahyoun is a marketing leader with over a decade experience helping companies create and scale impactful value propositions. Having started her career in start ups before shifting to enterprise tech, Sarah is well versed in launching bootstrapped programs to multi-million dollar campaigns leaning into creativity to create a real impact. With a career spanning global roles, she’s a firm believer in collaboration and customer empathy to drive success. When not working with tech companies, she is planning her next adventure as an avid traveler and amateur water diver. 

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