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Leading Through Uncertainty – A Sodexo Story

The story of this presentation is based on the Sodexo engage – marketing team of the year – award entry, which is centred around marketing leading the company strategy and core initiatives through a period of macro uncertainty. Using 3 case study reference points, this keynote explores: 

-        Mindset of a marketing team that leads through uncertainty
-        Marketing Strategic Impact 1: Public Sector (Free school meals and Covid tests)
-        Marketing Strategic Impact 2: Private Sector (Cost of Living and Cashback)
-        Marketing Strategic Impact 3: Internal Engagement (company communication and engagement)
-        Key Takeaways (common themes across all 3 examples): 
-       Story tell with impact / Lead with the Business / Stand with your people

Jamie MacKenzie

Jamie MacKenzie

Sodexo Engage Chief Marketing Officer
Jamie is an experienced executive board member with over 20 years of marketing exposure across global brands including Toshiba, Samsung, and Sodexo. In his current role of Chief Marketing Officer at Sodexo, he is responsible for the company strategy, brand, proposition and product development, stakeholder communications and business operating model formation. Jamie is also part of Pilotlight, an award-winning social value programme, where he coaches and mentors’ charity leaders to become more efficient, effective, and sustainable. Alongside this, he lives by the seaside, and is blessed with a very supportive family who provide him with energy and happiness, for which Jamie is extremely grateful.

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