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The Synergy of AI and Human Touch in Marketing

In this episode, our Guest Host Rachel Aldighieri is joined by Alexis Quintal, Owner and CEO of Rosarium PR & Marketing

Listen now to hear Alexis’ thoughts on:

  • How businesses can implement AI into their marketing and sales strategy without losing the human touch aspect of building relationships.
  • Mistakes businesses make when it comes to over-using AI in their sales & marketing strategy.
  • Trends shaping marketing and PR for 2024.
  • What businesses can do to stay ahead of the constantly changing trends in marketing.
  • The ROI of AI that business owners can implement immediately.
Rachel Aldighieri

Rachel Aldighieri

DMA Managing Director

Alexis Quintal

Alexis Quintal

Rosarium PR & Marketing Owner and CEO
I am a self-made woman in the making. I put myself through school at Salem State University — where I earned a bachelor’s degree in communications, a master’s in higher education, and the confidence to follow my heart in becoming an entrepreneur.

I started by building my skillsets as a Sales Manager at Walmart Media Group and a Media Director at Newswire. After 8 years in corporate, I set off on my own as an independent PR & marketing consultant. Success came quickly with both local and global organizations, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so it wasn’t long before…

I founded Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective. 

I created Rosarium to make world-class marketing communications solutions accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes, and it’s working:

• Hundreds of PR placements per year
• More than five billion PR impressions
• A book of business that spans coast to coast

And I’ve done it all by building a team of top-of-their-field business owner contractors who are passionate about helping other early- and mid-stage ventures grow. They know what it takes to succeed in business, because they’re already successful running their own results-oriented companies.

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