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Why Marketers Should Start Thinking Differently about Sustainability

In this episode, our podcast host and MD of the DMA Rachel Aldighieri is joined by the CEO of Eden Lab, Leo Rayman. Together, the two discussed the Great Transition to the Net Zero economy and how Green Growth will shape our future.

More specifically, they explored how marketing must evolve and how companies should change the way they are currently thinking about sustainability. According to Leo, marketers and technology must now come together, reimagining business and reinventing the rules of the game.

Leo Rayman

Leo Rayman

EdenLab Founder & CEO

Leo’s main driver is helping people make smarter decisions and set-aside their limiting assumptions, bringing surprising new thinking to the problems we all face and overturning established 'rules'. He scouts, designs and assembles new business models, propositions, products and organisation designs that actively create a better future for all of us, as he believes businesses can help shape our world for the better. Leo has real energy, that enthuse those around him with ambition, vision and imagination.

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