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Engage Magazine: Our December Issue Is Now Online!

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In December, people begin to reflect on the year that has passed and outline their goals for the future. For this reason, in this month’s issue of the Engage Magazine, we are also looking back at the events and conversations we’ve had in 2023 while deliberating what the future might hold.

Not surprisingly, the subject of Artificial Intelligence falls in both these categories this year as marketing experts have been preoccupied with this new technology over the past 12 months. In the pages ahead, we bring you the key highlights from our 2023 Future of MarTech Conference and an in-depth piece detailing the AI predictions of industry leaders.

While AI is certainly something we should focus on in 2024, we should be careful not to overlook the other factors impacting the future of marketing. More specifically, we must remember that although Millennials currently represent the largest group of consumers, Gen Z’s buying power is rapidly growing. Therefore, we must ask ourselves how we can engage with this new demographic and cater to their distinct needs.

In this issue, you can find an interview with Co-Founder of Imagen Insights, Jay Richards, who explains why Gen Z is the demographic on the lips of every marketer and how you can prepare for their impact.

Knowing that this generation is passionate about purpose, we also spoke to the Founder and Director of Electric Peach, Sophie Turton, to discuss ‘marketing as a force for good’. Read this interview to learn more about impactful storytelling, the classic purpose-washing tactics brands employ and how brands can make a positive difference.

Last but not least, we are sharing two thought leadership pieces by writers from industry-leading organisations: Ian Gibbs, Director of Insight at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA UK), reveals how the retail sector is getting marketing effectiveness right, and Resa Gooding, Services Manager at HubSpot, explains how you can leverage KPIs for effective marketing and sales reporting.

As the Editor of Engage MarTech, I would like to thank our contributors and everyone who took part in the creation of this magazine.

Download the magazine here.

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