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LinkedIn Advises How to Promote Collaboration Between Teams

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Last week, we held the 2023 Future of MarTech and SalesTech Conference at The Brewery in London. This event attracted hundreds of attendees and speakers from various world-renowned organisations. One such speaker was LinkedIn’s Growth Marketing Lead, Katy Lambert.

Katy has extensive experience in the industry, having worked at Amazon for 5 years before moving to LinkedIn. While her current job title is Growth Marketing Lead, Katy first started working for LinkedIn 3 years ago when she was hired as a Product Marketing Manager. Last Thursday, she shared her knowledge and gave tips for good collaboration.

In a fireside chat with the Founder of the Institute of Sales Professionals Andrew Hough, Katy discussed the current challenges that sellers face, the key ingredients that make collaboration happen and the blockers that prevent it.

According to her, there are four factors that are currently making it difficult to sell:

  • Hybrid work.
  • Buyers are in control of more data than ever before, and they have never had more information about companies than they do today.
  • The number of people involved in buying decisions has increased significantly.
  • The current economic state, which is forcing companies to cut “nice to have” investments.



When asked how organisations can align their teams and make collaboration happen, Katy underlined the importance of building relationships with stakeholders, talking in terms of ‘revenue’ (a common language), adjusting to the audience, and planning together. In addition to this, Katy also addressed the main blockers to collaboration, pointing to different time frames and metrics, as well as not adjusting to your audience.

Although conflict is often seen as a negative thing that must be avoided at all costs, Katy argued that conflict between sales and marketing teams can be seen as a good thing. According to her, it can be seen as proof that both teams are passionate about the business and driving impact.

Read our interview with Katy Lambert here to find out more about her session at our event. To learn more about the Future of MarTech conference, read our post-event write up here.

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