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Meet the Speaker: Andy Milton from Hitachi

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On Thursday the 9th of March, Engage Business Media will hold its 2023 Future of MarTech Conference. This event will take place at The Brewery in London and present attendees with multiple informative and thought-provoking presentations held by speakers from well-known brands. One such speaker is Andy Milton, Head of Sales and Marketing at Hitachi Security Business Group.

Andy has over 20 years of experiencing leading sales and marketing teams in businesses like Hitachi, T-Systems, Axial, Integralis and NTT. Having worked at Hitachi for more than 3 years, Andy will now present the audience of our upcoming event with an interesting case study.



Titled ‘Building Foundations for Success on Sand’, the Hitachi SBG case study will explore how the company is keeping pace with the constant changes in business, products, customers, partners, and competition. More specifically, Andy will discuss how the organisation coped with the change from a project lead high valve project business to a fast-moving demand driven business.

Our speaker is expected to discuss VeinID Five – a unique biometric solution that scans vein pattern within a user’s fingers and removes the constant entering of passwords. With VeinID Five, Hitachi SBG allows customers to log in by simply raising their hands to their device camera.

Andy will share how the introduction of this password replacement impacted partners and sales processes in the company. Taking this further, he will reveal what the organisation did to enable change without disenfranchising the existing partners and sellers or disrupting their revenue flows.



If you are interested in learning more about the Hitachi SBG case study and hearing from other specialists in the field, make sure to register your free ticket for the Future of MarTech Conference here.

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